Google Pixel 4 Phone

What have you done with this Google Pixel 4 phone? I personally don’t understand with Google right now. Yes, they are companies that focus on software rather than hardware. But for software to run better, there has to be great hardware.

Supposedly Google should raise the minimum storage option to 128GB and use the UFS 3.0 format. Google Photos’ original size unlimited storage offer is no longer available. The Pixel 4 has pretty good camera quality and definitely has a great size. 64GB for 2019? Google’s stupid choice.

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We move on to the camera specifications. Like Apple a few years ago, Google is also stubbornly following other competing companies. As such, the camera on the Pixel 4 has only two lenses. While now is the trend of quad-camera or penta-camera. Google sluggishly uses dual-lenses. Apple, meanwhile, has shifted in trend, using tri-cameras. The lenses used are 16MP and 12.2MP for the rear camera. It is a regular wide -angle lens and a telephoto lens. There are no ultra -wide -angle lenses that many want, as Google states telephoto lenses are more important. God, Google, Google. I am writing a review article this also continues to feel disappointed. But, as a fan I have to look for more positive things.

The selfie camera is 8MP and there is only one lens for selfies. The thick front forehead holds flood-emitting type near infrared (NIR) lenses, point projector type and camera. No more dual-lenses like the Pixel 3. But it has a satisfying wide-angle view. I will describe the other sensors in another paragraph. The battery on this device is only 2800mAh with 18W USB Power Delivery fast charging support and 10W wireless charging.

Complementing the android device specs that so far have bland specs are Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, Active Edge pinch sensor, Motion Sense (Soli radar chip), haptic engine that has textured and sharp mimics as well as IP68 waterproof protection.

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