Google Pixel 4 Device

Using this Google Pixel 4 device reminds me of the days of using the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. This device is a lightweight and thin device. When stored in a pants pocket, honestly I can say it almost feels like no device is stored. Many times also I use this device before bed. I would use it without a frame as well, as the frame is already comfortable to use – so it’s not easy to fall on my face. While lying down, while holding is also not a problem.

Interesting & Smart Functions

Pixel 4 this time offers many smart functions that are indeed A+. To this day I still use the Pixel 4 as my second device because of these interesting functions.

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Ambient EQ

Ambient EQ is Google’s answer to True Tone by Apple. It can change the display of the device according to the surrounding light conditions. It’s not Night Light, or Adaptive Display – but more of adjusting the white color balance on the device. So according to the outside light conditions, the display of the device will always be suitable and comfortable for the user to see.

Always-On Display

It is not a new function. In fact, Nokia has been using it since the days of Lumia devices. It is a display mode that only displays the time, date, notifications and some other information on the lock screen. More interesting to use is on OLED devices. This is because the black color is real black and only the information displayed will turn on the OLED on the android device panel.

On Pixel 4, if using Pixel Stand or any wireless charger that supports Pixel 3/Pixel 4-it will change to Google Assistant Ambient Mode. That is the Google Assistant mode that works almost completely while the device is charging. To make it easier to understand, it will turn the device into a smart display like Google Nest Hub by displaying more information, controlling music or even displaying Google Photos.

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