Google Assistant in Pixel 4

Only Google Assistant in Pixel 4 is smoother and with a new interface. Oh yes, also on the Pixel 4 there is already Google Assistant support that can listen to commands continuously, without the user having to repeatedly say “Hey, Google”.

Dual-Camera Only !!!

The combination of 16MP + 12.2MP lens as the main camera is a wise choice from Google. Yes, I will never forget and remain disappointed that there is no ultra wide angle lens support. But this telephoto mode that Google offers is different from the others and interesting to use. Then, you have to remember why Google continues to use 16MP and 12.2MP – Megapixel size is not a determinant of great camera quality. It depends on the software, the type of sensor and also the photography expertise.

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Social Share, Astrophotography & Frequent Face

This is a smart function that Google introduced in the Pixel android series 4. I’ll tell you about its ingenuity only here, the picture quality you can read in the camera section in another paragraph. Social Share is a quick sharing that users can do immediately after taking a picture. There will be three social media platform options to choose from.

Astrophotography is a new night mode built into Night Sight. It can take pictures of the stars in the sky, but unfortunately can’t capture the love stars of my heart .. Actually, this function is a long exposure mode only. Depending on the ambient light conditions, this mode will set itself the appropriate shutter time. Sometimes from 30 seconds, there are situations reaching from 1 minute to over 2 minutes.

Frequent Face is a function that will focus on one individual only when taking pictures. So when taking Motion Photos, Top Shot – the picture that most often the individual is in focus will have a more interesting picture result.

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