Gaming on ZTE Axon

Gaming on ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5Gs is no problem at all. The problem only occurs on the launcher for light tasks. The first high graphics like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Asphalt 9 on high settings all run smoothly and are very satisfying.

The benchmark score is also what we expect for this ZTE android, which is 743,438 from AnTuTu and 1105/3398 from Geekbenh 5 for single-core and multi-core. This is a satisfactory score and not surprisingly the first performance was all good. Only the software problem will make this device at the level of “It feels like measles if you force stop all applications”


The settings are also simple and easy to use, everything is neatly organized. Tetai standard for Chinese -made operating systems, internally there will be some additional features and functions to provide spices to make the user experience more interesting. A little on customization, a little on audio and other things that may not be so annoying either.

The interface design looks quite original and distinctive with a bit of EMUI and MIUI elements clearly visible. Using a device with MyOS will provide an exciting experience. It’s just, it’s unstable.

It’s like a beta operating system, even the Android 12 beta 5 we use on some Pixel devices is smoother. It has inconsistent performance issues making the system a bit cranky. Interrupting daily tasks, getting stuck randomly and making us feel, “Why is everything good, but the OS is annoying !!!”

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Makes us wonder, how will ZTE keep up with this device update?

Then the most annoying problem in ZTE is a lot of unusable banking apps or even digital wallet apps. All of these applications will detect the device has been rooted whereas we have not made any modifications to the device.

The operating system of this device, i.e. MyOS 11 is to blame for being the cause of this device being difficult for us to promote.

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