Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Battery

With a 5100 mAh in Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite battery, the device can operate all day with SOT reaching 10 hours. Good enough life for a small sized tablet. The battery takes 2 hours to fully recharge using the 15W charger included in the box. With this battery life, it’s not a problem to use as an online learning tablet or to watch video content all day.


Audio through two speakers is satisfactory with Dolby Atmos support. Sound separation is good because of the distance between the speakers that are far apart from each other. With the audio jack, there is no issue only wireless accessories can be used.


The “classic” screen is also matched with the tablet’s “classic design” similar to the previous Tab A7. The metal back panel ensures it is durable, does not collect dirt as easily as glass and is cool to hold while dissipating heat from the processor better. The audio and power adjustable buttons are pressed on the right side which is made of plastic. Even so, the construction is still sturdy and does not feel cheap.

There’s still a 3.5mm audio jack on the bottom with a USB-C charging port. The Samsung android is also equipped with stereo speakers with a lattice on the top and bottom. A nano SIM tray and micro SD card are also included for those who need a cellular connection. The entire body of the tablet is sturdy and palatable in the hand when used.

For those who need additional features like S Pen and Samsung DeX stylus support, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is not offered at this time. But for those who need a keyboard, there are several models with bluetooth tethering offered by Samsung and third parties.

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The benchmark score for GeekBench 5 recorded by Helio P22 is 174 for single core and 868 for multi core. This puts it on par with the Snapdrgon 650 which is already over five years old. So from here you can guess what performance can be expected from the Tab A7 Lite. In the Antutu 3D test, it only recorded 103,565 marks or about 1/6 of the marks recorded by Snapdragon 888.

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