Galaxy Fold Closed Position

In the Samsung Galaxy Fold closed position, we found the device still comfortable enough to be kept in a jeans pocket. It has the same height as a Note 10+ but is only three times thicker. For a big -bodied man this may not pose a problem but the female staff at Amanz feel it is too big and heavy for them to use.

The large size is not a problem for us but the weight of the device can indeed be felt. The hands become more sluggish when the device is held. That’s why we don’t use this device as often as other devices we’ve reviewed. For example at night we go to bed early because our hands are sluggish to read the Reddit site.

Another positive thing is that because of its large size it is only comfortable to use with both hands. This at once made us unsuccessful in eliminating the bad habit of using the device; while waiting for the red light to turn green at the traffic light. Fold managed to change two bad habits namely addiction to using the device; and using the device while driving due to its excessive size. It is more effective than Digital Wellbeing and the police on the road in curbing the two big problems of device users in our country.

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We were among the first human beings to feel that a Samsung foldable screen device was just a gimmick that had no future. After using it we now better understand why it was produced; and perhaps the earlier predictions written earlier were far deviant.

Fold will change how the device will be used as well as its design in the near future. Fold android design at the moment is still not practical enough for the majority of users out there. The Motorola Razr -like design in our opinion is more practical and will probably become standard after this. The device will have a smaller size, not be too heavy; and most importantly be sold at a more wallet friendly price.

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