Galaxy A22 Mono Speakers

Then, the Galaxy A22 mono speakers, USB-C post and even the 3.5mm audio jack are located at the bottom. The audio quality is just normal and not very loud. There is also Dolby Atmos support but you need to install earphones first. One more thing you need to know, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G does not have waterproof capability. Therefore, do not dare to try to soak it in water or you will have to buy a new device again later.

But unfortunately, it is very easy to trap dirt. So, if you want the device to stay clean and look the same as when it was first removed from the box. As always, the use of a framework is highly recommended. We are not sure for your purchase unit, but the unit in our hands does not come with any free frame.

Next, the right side has a fingerprint scanner. It has a built in power button. We admit, this fingerprint scanner is placed in a good position. But, it is not friendly to left -handed users. Moreover, its performance is also inconsistent – where, there are times it shows fast performance and there are times it even takes a few seconds to open the device.

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One more thing, we also feel that it still needs to be improved because sometimes there are issues with the Samsung android failing to scan fingerprints properly. When this happens, we have to enter a predefined password to unlock this device. Alternatively, we also use the face scan function which is seen to perform better.

In addition, this fingerprint scanner can also be used for several other functions such as opening the camera application quickly. Where, you only need to press this scanner twice. Then, it can also be used to switch between front and rear cameras easily.

On the same side there is also a voice adjustable button that is comfortable to press. Next, the side also houses a slot for a SIM. Here, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G has three separate slots. This is to make it easier for you to use two nano -sized SIMs and a microSD card simultaneously.

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