Entry of TCL Plex

This year, TCL want to try to re -enter the smartphone arena by introducing the entry of TCL Plex and several other models that will be launched in the future. In this article, I will comment on TCL Plex. Is it worth it and should you buy it?

What and who is TCL? TCL is the company responsible for producing BlackBerry and Alcatel devices. In addition, they also produce TCL brand smartphones – but not very popular. Oh yes, let’s not forget that TCL is also a company that produces affordable televisions that are only marketed in the United States.

The TCL Plex is a device that is in the middle class category. The device uses a 6.53-inch FHD+ IPS LCD screen with technology from their television-NXTVISION. The LCD screen is certainly not as great as the OLED, but with this NXTVISION technology it makes the screen of the TCL PLEX device very great and beyond expectations. NXTVISION is the technology that TCL uses on their televisions. It is a system that can convert any video content from SDR to HDR. Regardless of YouTube, VLC, Netflix or other applications, video color quality and detail changes are very different. An easy way to understand is, NXTVISION applies an HDR filter to the screen of the TCL android when the video starts playing. The system also has a reading mode that can adjust the color or brightness of the screen of the device to suit the user.

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The experience of using the TCL PLEX screen is indeed different from the others. Quite disappointed because it uses LCD, if OLED screen for sure it will be more compact than usual. When I watch movies/TV series on Netflix, the quality of the content is standard LCD screen and not at all appealing. But once NXTVISION is turned on, the screen quality becomes beautiful and watching something provides an immersive experience.

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